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Power up & connect
Power up & connect

Steora E is the only bench in Steora family without PV modules.

It is designed for indoor usage at highly frequented locations such as transit stations (bus stops, metro or train stations), shopping centers or airports.

Steora E offers the same functionalities as Steora Standard model. Elegant design of the seating plate is achieved by combining black acrylic glass cover with integrated wireless charger.

Steora E requires AC grid power for 24/7 operation.
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Smart bench indoor USB charging
Mobile phone on the solar smart bench
Solar smart bench indoor USB charging
Technical specifications
Steora E
USB charging
USB charging
Number of ports: 2
Power (per port): 5W (1A)
Other: short circuit protection, LED light
Wireless charging
Wireless charging
Power: 10W / Efficiency: up to 70%
Internet technology
Internet technology
4G LTE / Speed: up to 150Mbps / Range: 4 - 20 meters
Other: custom SSID, user and web page restriction, custom homepage...
Temperature (-45°C, +60°C)
Humidity (0% - 100%)
Device charging counters (cable and wireless)
Energy production & consumption
Internet connections counter & data traffic usage
Battery status
System sensor - analyzes every device inside the bench
Battery pack
Ambient light
Range: 2 meters
Color: White
Photovoltaic modules
AC grid connector
Supply voltage: 230V AC / Power: 150W
Available colors
signal white
Signal White
signal white
Pastel Green
signal white
Grey Beige
signal white
Window Grey